Greek Islands- which one to choose if you’re going for a family holiday or a single holiday?

The Greek islands offer it all: picture-perfect beaches, blue ocean waves, incredible food, family-friendly resorts, party cities, and the list goes on and on. The good news for Brits is that summer vacations to Greece are presently available, with the country inviting both unvaccinated and vaccinated UK visitors.

However, picking the best Greek islands for your vacation might be a difficult challenge with hundreds of inhabited islands. Check out the list below and have a wonderful Christmas season!


Skiathos is a Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea that belongs to the Sporades archipelago. It is also known as Mamma Mia Island.

You can travel to this lovely island in one of two ways. Many harbors, including Volos; Athens is 3.5 hours away, whereas Thessaloniki is 2.5 hours away, Agios Konstantinos; 2′ hours from Athens by car, Mantoudi and Thessaloniki, offer ferry services.

Skiathos has an international airport, so flying is another option for getting to the island (but not very large). The proximity of this airport to the beach and surrounding yachting docks is well-known!


Skopelos is a lovely island in the Aegean Sea, halfway between Skiathos and Alonissos. It is a popular tourist destination for families and couples due to its picture-perfect scenery and natural charm. Skopelos is one of the most well-known Greek islands, having served as one of the filming locations for the Hollywood film Mamma Mia. Skopolos and Alonissos are less expensive, have more availability, and are only a short ferry trip away.


This place is famous for its beaches, cuisine, and exploring. The largest Greek island can accommodate a wide range of vacation activities, from peaceful days on the beach to land and sea excursions – it’s considered one of the greatest Greek islands for snorkelling.

The island’s magnificent natural beauty, including Mount Ida, which towers above the island, and spectacular beaches with everything from blue lagoons to eye-catching red sands. Crete is also known for putting up some genuinely great local cuisine, so foodies will not be disappointed.


Santorini is best for couples and luxury vacations. Santorini is generally recognised as one of the most romantic destinations globally, thanks to its white-washed houses, unique blue domes, and luxury hotels.

Sip sunset cocktails while admiring the breathtaking views from one of the waterside tavernas, stroll through the picture-perfect streets, or explore the coast’s coves. Several amazing hotels to choose from, including one with underground tunnels leading to infinity pools!


Nightlife and luxurious vacations are the things in Mykonos that attract visitors! One of the trendiest Greek islands, Mykonos is known for its enormous summer party season, including boat parties to fashionable pubs and clubs.

Several excellent luxury hotels on the island, but self-catering and B&B choices may be obtained for a somewhat lower price.


This place is best known for Beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and family vacations. Rhodes is not just one of Greece’s top beach locations, but it’s also excellent for stress-free Greek island family vacations owing to its outstanding array of all-inclusive resorts.

Families will have no trouble finding resorts with large buffets, pool complexes, and the occasional water park. Still, if you prefer the beach to the pool, Rhodes will not disappoint, with sandy beaches and pebbled coves aplenty.


This place is best known for beach vacations, history, culture, and food. Corfu is great for people seeking a more relaxed vacation than action-packed tours and parties. However, if you’re looking for nightlife, Sidari is known for it.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for pubs and restaurants, Corfu Town has lots to offer and calmer lanes with markets and hidden gourmet secrets. Of course, fans of the TV programme The Durrells may visit all of the show’s filming sites for a unique experience.


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